May. 03, 2024

PHILADELPHIA – Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia), in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, held an important energy roundtable discussion this week, focusing on bolstering Pennsylvania’s energy sector and enhancing economic growth. The roundtable, held at the Manufacturers' Association of South Central PA in York, drew a diverse group of stakeholders, industry experts and legislators, including Reps. Tim O'Neal (R-Washington), Seth Grove (R-York), Joe D'Orsie (R-York) and Kristin Marcell (R-Bucks), to discuss critical topics such as LNG exports, permitting reform and grid reliability.

Specifically, the roundtable discussed the untapped potential of LNG exports from Southeast Pennsylvania. Participants highlighted Pennsylvania's strategic positioning to bolster global energy needs and the need to lift the “Biden Blockade” on new LNG export permits. This initiative could emulate the economic success of existing facilities and significantly contribute to job creation and economic output.

The discussion continued highlighting the critical need for permitting reform, including an established statutory timeframe for permit reviews to ensure predictability and enhance transparency. These proposed reforms will streamline processes, reduce delays, and uphold Pennsylvania’s competitiveness in manufacturing and energy production. 

Further discussions emphasized the importance of grid reliability amid the phasing out of baseload power plants and growing dependency on variable energy sources. Proposals suggested refining the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards to differentiate energy types, securing a stable and dependable energy infrastructure for the state’s economic future.

“Today’s roundtable is just the beginning of a crucial dialogue on securing Pennsylvania’s energy future,” said White. It’s imperative that we address these issues head-on to ensure our energy policies support our economy and provide reliable, affordable energy for all Pennsylvanians.”

“Pennsylvania natural gas is the cleanest and most reliable form of energy, making our Commonwealth the most environmentally friendly place to produce energy and manufacture products,” O’Neal said. “The idea that we have to choose between reliable energy production or the environment is a fallacy. We can and should do both.”

“We were honored to join Rep. White in exploring the topic of an LNG export facility in Pennsylvania and what a project of that magnitude would mean in all corners of the Commonwealth,” said Carl Marrara, executive director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. “Energy production in Pennsylvania has the potential to power our overseas allies while stabilizing our grid here at home and providing endless opportunities to our workforce.”

"It was my pleasure to host this panel in the manufacturing-rich 47th District," said D'Orsie. "Energy production is so closely tied to manufacturing output that when we talk about manufacturing, we should also be talking about energy. My thanks to House Republicans for visiting and talking about these important issues."

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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