Feb. 04, 2021

HARRISBURG—Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) today rejected Gov. Tom Wolf’s call to increase the Personal Income Tax (PIT) by 46%.  

“This is the worse time to propose a tax hike, especially one of this size,” White said.  “The coronavirus pandemic and the governor’s business shutdowns have hammered our families, with many still struggling to find some financial stability. This tax falls squarely on them.”    

The governor’s $40.2 billion plan for 2021-22 would increase spending by 8.2%, or about $3 billion, over the 2019-20 budget. 

“Compounding the problem, most of Pennsylvania’s small businesses also pay the PIT,” White said. “This tax hike would once again hurt the very businesses struggling to reopen.”

Under the governor’s plan, Pennsylvanians will pay higher taxes if they are:

   • Single earning more than $49,000 a year.
   • A married couple without children earning more than $64,000 a year.
   • A married couple with 2 children earning more than $84,000 a year.
   • A single parent with 2 children earning more than $69,000.

“Even worse, the governor’s budget does nothing to prioritize vaccine distribution to return Pennsylvania to pre-COVID-19 levels,” White said. “That’s the best way to bring revenue into the state. Raising taxes on middle class families won’t do it.” 

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster
RepWhite.com / facebook.com/RepMartinaWhite