Jan. 28, 2021

From Philly Weekly

For Philadelphia’s GOP, and its chairwoman and state representative from the Northeast, Martina White, this is just another day at the races. Not because White takes policy or politics lightly. Rather, because – at age 32 – dealing with matters of state, and pleasing her constituents, has been her whole life’s work. Now in her third term, White – in office since 2015 in a special election to fill an open seat in the 170th District – became the first new Republican elected in Philadelphia in 25 years, a feat considering that working class area’s deep blue roots. For the most part, her rise then, before Trump got near the president’s office, stemmed from a centrist/populist sensibility of understanding the city’s working class’ travails (so labor loved her), of favoring the FOP (so cops loved her), and hating on Mayor Jim Kenney’s beverage tax (so everyone else loved her, save for progressive politicians and activists who weren’t fond of her dedication to Philly’s police or for opposing the city’s sanctuary city policies).

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