Jul. 06, 2020

HARRISBURG—Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) issued the following statement after 31 shootings and 7 homicides occurred from Friday to Sunday. Homicides are up 22% from this same point a year ago.

“Once again Philadelphians endured a bloody weekend that saw a terrible spike in gun violence that claimed people of all ages and from all areas of the city. Mayor Jim Kenney said these incidents were a ‘crisis.’ They are: A crisis in leadership caused by a district attorney who will not fully prosecute gun offenders.

“In the House we’ve passed many laws to keep gun offenders behind bars for years. But these laws will not work if District Attorney Larry Krasner refuses to prosecute under these laws. We saw the result this weekend. Gun crime is up in Philadelphia, and the victims’ families are betrayed.

“By sending gun offenders to a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, criminals are given a second chance to go back onto the streets and kill again.

“To combat prosecutors who refuse to safeguard our families, I’ve introduced an amendment to the state constitution that would allow voters to recall members of the executive levels of state and local governments, including district attorneys who refuse to prosecute gun crimes.”

“I have also introduced a bill mandating 10-year mandatory minimums for crimes where an illegal firearm was used.”

“This violence won’t stop until those who use illegal guns are fully prosecuted.

“To Larry Krasner, this is ‘social justice.’ But where’s the justice for the victims of gun violence?”

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster