White Demands Arrests and Prosecution After Drag Racers Take Over City Streets
Rep, Martina White (R-Philadelphia) issued the following statement after chaos erupted Saturday caused by motorists illegally drag racing, blocking major intersections and assaulting police:

“This was a siege caused by drivers, with no fear of arrest or prosecution, commandeering our neighborhoods and highways to use as illegal raceways. They endangered the lives of Philadelphia Police Officers, Pennsylvania State Troopers, as well as innocent drivers and the residents who live near the sites of the chaos. This was not the first time this happened, and it won’t be the last unless we begin arresting and prosecuting the groups behind these illegal meetups. We must not tolerate this assault on our police and neighborhoods. That’s why I am working to find ways to hire and retain more officers. This organized madness must stop.”

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster