White Backs Impeachment of Larry Krasner
HARRISBURG—Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) released the following statement on the investigation into the Articles of Impeachment on District Attorney Larry Krasner:

“I am proud to announce that I have co-sponsored the House resolution to impeach District Attorney Larry Krasner.  In my view, the lawlessness in Philadelphia has been exacerbated by the intentional lack of adequate prosecution by and under Krasner’s direction. That is coming to an end. I want to thank my colleagues Reps. Josh Kail, Torren Ecker and Tim O’Neal for standing with Pennsylvanians and announcing they will be introducing Articles of Impeachment for Larry Krasner.”

“Impeachment is a rarely used process, but the time has come. No longer can we allow law-abiding citizens to live in fear or to be victimized by the criminals who have been emboldened by the district attorney. I have co-sponsored the Articles of Impeachment and will support my colleagues in every way possible through the process.” 

“I encourage anyone who knows someone who has been wronged by the district attorney’s office to share their story here so we can collect as much evidence as possible.”

“In the near future, the evidence will be assembled, and the Articles of Impeachment will be introduced to the state House. They will then be sent to a committee where they will be voted on. If passed out of committee, they will be sent to the full House for a vote. Once out of the House, the Senate will hold a hearing. Once completed they will vote on if they believe Larry Krasner should be impeached. If found guilty he will be removed from office and replaced by an appointee made by the Court of Common Pleas.”

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster
RepWhite.com / facebook.com/RepMartinaWhite