White Demands Answers on Sexuality Conference Attended by School District Teachers
HARRISBURG—Rep. Martina White (R-170) today sent a letter to School Superintendent William R. Hite and incoming Superintendent Tony B. Watlington Sr. asking if any school district funds were used for teachers who attended the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference.

“The conference, presented by the Mazzoni Center, covered highly sexually explicit material that is inappropriate for our classrooms,” White wrote. “From the portions of the virtual conference that have been brought to light it is clear it goes far beyond health education. There are legitimate concerns how this type of ‘education’ can be equated to grooming and the conflicts that may arise from school employees who are mandated reporters.”

The Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference took place virtually in July 2021. The School District’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion sent invitations to attend the conference to district teachers and staff. In videos from the conference, presenters describe their various sexual activities. One presenter graphically described how to use sexual paraphernalia.

The school district has also worked with the conference organizer, the Mazzoni Center, to develop sex education programs for students.

“Given the influence educators have as adults, authority figures and mentors they have a great responsibility to ensure the safety of our impressionable youth as well as their physical and mental well-being,” White wrote. “The school district also has a duty to parents. A large part of that duty is transparency. Something like this should never have to be discovered by an investigative journalist on national news. The school district and board of education should have been proactive about disclosing this type of training and given parents a strong voice.”

In her letter, White asked Hite and Watlington:

• Were teachers given continuing educational credits, time off, financial compensation or any other benefit for their attendance?

• How did the school district intend to use the materials taught during the conference in our classrooms?

• What is your policy on informing parents on this subject matter?

• How many educators or school employees attended the conference and from what schools?

“The parents of Philadelphia are not sending their children to school for sexual indoctrination,” White said. “They want academics taught, and we expect accountability from the School District of Philadelphia.”

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster