State Budget Plan Moving Ahead

Rep. Martina White comments on the 2019-20 Pennsylvania state budget proposal. The budget plan includes no new taxes, historic levels of funding for education, and saves for the future.

Winner Of "Ought to be a law" Contest

Sophia Lodise is the winner of Representative Martina White's "Ought to be a Law" Contest and is honored for her achievement upon the House floor.

Celebrating The Successes Of Women

Pa. State Rep. Martina White recognizes women across the Commonwealth for their time, effort and successes.

Year Of The Woman Conference

Reps. Martina White, Becky Corbin, Kristin Phillips-Hill, Tom Mehaffie and Marcy Toepel celebrate the historical achievements of women.

Honoring A Local Police Officer

Pa. State Rep. Martina White honors a Philadelphia Police Officer.

Citing Early Prevention

Pa. State Rep. Martina White poses questions during a recent Judiciary Hearing.

Rep. White House Bill 27 Police Protection Bill

Pa. State Rep. Martina White urges citizens to sign her petition that demands Governor Wolf sign House Bill 27. White's bill would temporarily withhold the identifications of police officers involved in a shooting until investigation into the incident concludes.

Update on Police Legislation

PA State Rep. Martina White gives an update on her legislation to help with the protection of police officers for a time period during an investigation.

FBI Assailant Report And Its Impact on Police

PA State Rep. Martina White gives details on a recent FBI Assailant Report and its startling details on policing.

Ending Sanctuary City Policies

Pa. State Rep. Martina White, through sponsorship of House Bill 1885 attempts to hold cities and municipalities liable for damages who wish to negate federal immigration law.