Congratulations to the Winners in My ‘There Ought to be a Law’ Contest
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Congratulations to the Winners in My ‘There Ought to be a Law’ Contest
Eight students from schools within the 170th District have been chosen as the winners in my “There Ought to be a Law” contest.

Each year the submissions are creative and well-organized; this year was no different. The subjects offered by the students were diverse and thought-provoking, which reflects well on their parents and teachers committed to their children’s education. This is so important to our community.

The laws were judged by an independent panel including 8th Police District Community Relations Officer Patti Rosati, 7th Police District Community Relations Officer Joe Staszak, and Brian McQuoid of Allstate insurance.
The contest entrants were from fourth and fifth grades. The schools that participated included the Stephen Decatur School, St. Anselm School, St. Christopher School, Christ the King School, and Calvary Christian Academy.

The Winners:

St. Christopher, Fourth Grade: Lawrence Lei
Law: Require seatbelts on all school buses.

St. Christopher, Fifth Grade: Addison Martin
Law: Require equipment on public playgrounds for those with special needs.

Stephen Decatur, Fourth Grade: Leah Seiger
Law: Require community service once a month.

Stephen Decatur, Fifth Grade: Leah Fitzsimmons
Law: Install fire sprinklers in public buildings.

St. Anselm, Fourth Grade: Sophia Lodise
Law: Require classes for people who adopt pets.

St. Anselm, Fifth Grade: James Bergmark
Law: Make drivers over age 70 retake their driver’s test.

Calvary Christian Academy, Fifth Grade: Lola Westfield
Law: Install speed bumps around schools and playgrounds.

Christ the King, Fourth Grade: Riley Dempsey
Law: Assign police to every school zone.

The winners will be invited to the Capitol to have lunch with me and tour the historic building.

Judiciary Committee Passes my Anti-Squatting Legislation
My anti-squatter legislation to help the police remove illegal squatters from residential properties passed out of the House Judiciary Committee.

The legislation, House Bill 365, will address situations where a person discovers that there are people illegally living in a house or an apartment that they own and they call the police to have them removed, only to be informed that there’s nothing the police can do to help them. If the trespasser claims to own the property or to be a lawful tenant, the police typically decline to get involved because they don’t know who to believe.

Often, in these situations, they advise the owner to pursue a legal eviction action, which can be a financial and legal nightmare. My legislation will help correct this issue.

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