White Sends Letter to Wolf Urging Him to Support Police
HARRISBURG—Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) sent a letter to urge Gov. Tom Wolf to sign House Bill 27 when it passes the Senate. White’s bill would temporarily withhold the identifications of police officers involved in a shooting until investigation into the incident concludes.

Attached is a copy of the letter.

White is also gathering names on a petition on her website asking the governor to make the bill a law. You can access the petition here.

House Bill 27 is a middle-ground solution that allows for a period of 30 days to pass before an officer’s name is disclosed or until an investigation is complete, whichever comes first.

“My bill allows time for the factual evidence to come to light so we can understand the events that transpired,” White said. “This gives officers the reassurance they need to do their work in a proactive manner and continue to keep our communities safe”

The legislation passed the House in March by an overwhelming bipartisan majority. It’s now in the Senate where it is expected to pass soon. Similar legislation passed the House and Senate in the 2015-16 term, but was vetoed by the governor without allowing time for an override vote.

“The FBI does not release the names of its agents by law, and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association believes innocent officers should never have their names released publicly,” White said in the letter. “The General Assembly, Fraternal Order of Police and citizens across the Commonwealth overwhelmingly agree with House Bill 27.”

According to the recent FBI Assailant Study, police officers are being “demoralized” and “de-policing” to avoid any behavior that could cost them their jobs, or worse, their lives.

“The FBI attributes this to the spike in attacks on police last year, fueled by an anti-police narrative spread by the media, activists and some elected leaders,” White said. “I urge the governor take House Bill 27 seriously and allow the bill to go into law when it reaches his desk.”

Representative Martina White
170th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster

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