My Video Links
Here you will find video clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
2018 Year of the Woman Press Event - 9/12/2018:
Reps. Martina White, Becky Corbin, Kristin Phillips-Hill, Tom Mehaffie and Marcy Toepel celebrate the achievements women.
House Consumer Affairs Committee. - 4/30/2018:
House Consumer Affairs Committee - Public hearing on HB 2113.
House Rep. Martina White, Fraternal Order of Police Press Conference. - 9/21/2015:
House Rep. Martina White, Fraternal Order of Police Press Conference. House Bill 1538; sponsored by White, protects the identity of an officer, or officers during an incident requiring investigation.
Police I.D. Protection Press Conference - 9/2/2015:
State Rep Martina White announces that she will introduce legislation which will protect police officers and their families from harassment and violence if being investigated after the use of force.
Policy Hearing on Businesses & Jobs - Philadelphia - 6/4/2015:
PA House GOP Policy Committee hearing on businesses and jobs , held in Philadelphia, PA.
Supporting Our Law Enforcement Officers - 4/21/2015:
The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently held a rally at the State Capitol in support of Fraternal Order of Police and the law enforcement community.
Rep. Martina White, Swearing In Ceremony - 4/13/2015:
On Monday, April 13, 2015, State Representative-Elect Martina White was officially sworn into office. She is seen taking the Oath of Office here.